10 Better Ways to Consume News in 2020

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As a new campaign season gets into full swing, and with each day seeming like it contains multiple news cycles, consuming news and information is more important than ever, with more assaults on facts and truth coming from so many different corners.

Regardless of your political persuasion, part of being an effective communicator, leaders and citizen means being a better consumer of news and information in 2020.

As I talk about in Honestly Speaking, taking more control over what you consume and where you consume it — and in what you put out into the world online, is something we all can do a little better and a lot more often. Based on that, here are 10 ways to be better consumers of news in 2020:

  • Be more discriminating between what’s news and what’s opinion. We all have the capacity to tell the difference, and if you don’t, learn the difference.


This article is based in part on Honestly Speaking: How the Way we Communicate Transforms Leadership, Love, and Life. Thanks to so many who have shared good ideas around how to be responsible consumers and producers of social media, news and information over the years, including Dahlia Lithwick, from whom some of these tips have been gathered. I’d love to hear yours.

Communications and culture leader, author, certified coach, lawyer, yoga teacher. www.azureleadership.com/honestlyspeakingbook

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