So much of how we communicate at work is the same way we communicate in our personal lives: through conversations. Having and managing hard conversations is more important than ever as we move into a world where the workforce is experiencing a high degree of turnover and change, and where people are working in more, different set ups than ever before.

Over the last three weeks I’ve been sharing thoughts on a variety of ways to communicate and lead in a hybrid work remote/in-person work environment. …

One of the great opportunities we have coming out of the last 15 months is we get to choose how we re-emerge, re-engage, and how we lead and work.

We can either rush right back to the way things were, the way we always used to operate — or we can choose to do something different. We can choose to make a change in how we lead, communicate, and collaborate.

Right now is a potent time to ask:

  • What are the lessons we’ve drawn from the last 15 months and how should we act accordingly?
  • What is the purpose behind…

Today in San Francisco, where I live, all COVID-related restrictions have been lifted and seemingly it’s back to business as usual. As we re-emerge from 15 months of lockdown and restrictions on gathering and working, how we gather and how we communicate is top of mind for just about everybody I talk to.

Last week I shared the first in a month-long series of tips for how to lead and communicate in a new hybrid remote/in-person work world.

This week I’m focusing on informal interactions — those serendipitous run-ins, casual interactions that are so much of how work actually gets…

In just about every conversation I have these days, the subject of returning to work comes up almost inevitably. 15 months of working from home busted a lot of norms and expectations we used to hold about productivity and having to be in an office.

It changed a lot of our own perspectives on our preferences. And it’s also led to a high degree of burnout. Working from home, it turns out, is no vacation.

It’s also meant, for most companies, a total re-thinking of the way we work.

Two truths are clear, even as company cultures and the economy…

The last year has brought a significantly renewed focus on culture in companies and organizations. Through some combination of bad PR and leadership mis-steps, and nearly every organization thinking about how and when people may return to offices post-pandemic, there’s been a lot of talk about how to define culture and how to shape it.

In my own work with clients, creating and maintaining a culture that is thriving, inclusive, and meets the needs of the company’s mission is the single most common set of issues leaders are grappling with today.

Now more than ever, culture isn’t set at the…

When I wrote Honestly Speaking, I developed frameworks and strategies to make it easier for all of us to communicate better, by dialing up the empathizing and dialing down the intellectualizing. They are meant to be easy-to-use, especially over time as they become more ingrained ways of approaching communication overall.

Yet in talking about those frameworks and the lessons I shared in the book in workshops, trainings, and speeches with thousands of people in the last couple of years, I’ve come to realize one key addition I would make based on a lot of the questions from you: help communicating…

By now many of us have had lots — AND LOTS — of practice communicating virtually. In the last year, many of us have had to give presentations through an online platform that we’d otherwise give in person.

But are we presenting well? In my experience, both delivering them and being on the receiving end of them, many of our virtual presentations are falling flat. The format is unforgiving and most of us aren’t doing what we need to create an emotional connection through the camera — to convey trust and relatability.

Anything that’s worth communicating is worth communicating because…

One question can change your life.

Especially now, in a time of almost purely virtual connection, it’s harder than ever to prioritize authentic connection with the people in your life. Misunderstanding is more common, relatability is more strained, and it’s harder than ever to really get a read on who’s on the other end of what you’re communicating.

In most strained situations or Zoom calls, our communication instinct is to speak more and to project MORE, or to withdraw. That instinct is made more extreme in virtual settings. Whether it’s your first day in a new job or your 92nd…

Like you, I’ve been thinking a lot about the events of the last 24 hours, and what it says about us as a country, a people, and about leadership and communication.

I’ve had both a sense of helplessness and a deep sadness as I saw the seat of our democratic institutions attacked by terrorists fueled by lies and mistruths — and a failure by their leaders to speak honestly about so many issues, chiefly the results of the last election. And one overriding principle keeps rising to the surface: bad things happen when you don’t speak the truth. Honesty matters…

“Be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported.” I saw these words posted to a neighbor’s fence recently.

I love them because they reflect what’s at the root of leadership and communication: each of us has the power to determine how we speak to and connect with others.

And because they are the ideal outcome of the reflection many of us tend to do this time of year. (And this year is a year for some serious reflecting).

2020 has been a year of real consequence for everybody I know — for some, great challenge and…

Andrew Blotky

Communications and culture leader, author, certified coach, lawyer, yoga teacher.

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